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September 27, 2022 By: Brady's Drug Store

MEDIA RELEASE: Brady’s Drug Store commissions tree sculpture to highlight local species at risk


Brady’s Drug Store is paying tribute to local species of concern by turning a tree stump into an artful reminder that we can all contribute to protecting local creatures and plants in Essex County.

“We wanted to create a reminder of the impacts of climate change and development on our local habitats and their inhabitants,” says Pharmacist-Owner Tim Brady at Brady’s Drug Store. “In the spirit of re-purposing existing materials, we took the remains of a tree and brought it back to life through art.”

The carvings represent species at risk which are native to Essex County. Brady’s consulted experts from the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Ojibway Nature Centre to confirm the list of threatened species to feature. The ten-foot tree stump has been carved with the likeness of a:

  • Barn owl and three babies
  • Barn swallow
  • Fox snake
  • Golden seal
  • Green round leaved briar
  • Grey fox
  • King rail
  • Massassauga rattler
  • Prothonotary warbler
  • Soft shell turtle
  • 5 lined skink

Wheatley wood carvers, Heather and Dan Mallaby of Erie Treasures Chainsaw Art designed and carved the piece, which still has a little room on the back for a future project.

“We think it’s a pretty cool looking sculpture, and we hope people will come and check it out and learn a little bit about local species at risk,” says Karen Brady, Director of Marketing and Operations at Brady’s Drug Store.

“Pharmaceuticals generate a lot of waste and we’re continuing to look at ways that we can reduce our planetary footprint. We currently use recyclable bags, and recyclable vials that use less plastic and packaging, and we recycle our used materials in the pharmacy,” says Brady.

The wood carving can be found in the back (south) lot of the Essex Medical Centre, which is home to Brady’s Drug Store, located at 186 Talbot Street South in Essex, ON.

Media Contact:

Karen Brady, Director of Marketing & Operations, Brady’s Drug Store
Mobile: 519-564-8554  |

*Photos by Karen Brady, Brady’s Drug Store. Artists: Erie Treasures Chainsaw Art


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The Essex store is located in the Essex Medical Centre (EMC), 20 minutes from almost anywhere in Essex County. EMC hosts a walk-in-clinic, the pharmacy, x-ray, blood lab, ultrasound, physiotherapy, dentistry and audiology services, in addition to two family doctors and a nurse practitioner team.

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